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ATLANTA, Aug. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The chronically deep psychic pains and traumatic social injuries associated with centuries of racism and racial conflict in America cannot be healed with repeated, ...
Don Richmond, NaplesRand and racismIn a cheap shot in her May 8 letter, Mary Storto tried to link Ayn Rand to Donald Sterling.
Soccer, Spain's national pastime, has been tainted by racism. After two recent ugly incidents, debate is raging over how to punish racist fans, and if the teams they love should be held responsible.
Anti-racism activists are warning about the rise of a new neo-Nazi group in Southern Ontario and a celebration planned for the Victoria Day long weekend near London showcasing their strength.
Anger in Italy as the country's football federation elects Carlo Tavecchio as its new president despite him recently calling African players "banana-eaters"
Splits in FIFA anti-racism strategy at World Cup, ahead of big challenge at 2018 host Russia
Splits in FIFA's plan to fight discrimination at the World Cup have been exposed after reported incidents involving fans went unpunished.
The World Cup may be over, but the backlash from the games has left a rippling effect that raises questions of the presence racism within professional sports.
Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. spoke about it at Morgan State, but why not Ole Miss or San Jose State?
A German neo-Nazi politician already elected to the European Parliament has been appointed to a committee responsible for the protection of human rights to the shock of Jewish associations and anti-racism activists. Udo Voigt, the former leader of the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD), who praised Adolf Hitler in the past, has taken a seat in the EU Parliament's Civil Liberties, Justice ...