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When we see verbal and other attacks against Muslim Australians, it is often accompanied by a nastiness that resembles racial hatred.
Its record on dealing with racist abuse has been mixed and now Russia has been urged by a leading anti-apartheid activist to show a tougher approach to the issue ahead of hosting the 2018 World Cup.
Tokyo Sexwale says black players are worried about safety after recent racial incidents in the country.
A Yellowknife man recently attempted to publicly shame another man online after he repeatedly made racist comments in a Facebook post.Yellowknife filmmaker Pablo Saravanja says he was inspired by a Tumblr called Getting Racists Fired, which notifies employers about their employees’ online racist comments. "I normally don’t engage with this type of stuff but this time I had to," says Saravanja ...
The women of “The View” broke into a shouting match during Thursday morning’s show while discussing racism in America. The “Hot Topics” segment took an argumentative turn after co-host Whoopi Goldberg insisted that there were no implications of racism in First Lady Michelle Obama admitting to People magazine that she and her husband have been mistaken as the hired help.
Anti-racism chiefs call for Liverpool striker to be punished for posting an offensive message on social media
The University of Canterbury's student association is increasing its focus on diversity amid a series of racism rows on campus.
Geoff Egan Journalist Geoff has been working for the QT since August 2011 covering Ipswich’s rural areas. He started working for APN in January 2010 with the Chinchilla News in western Queensland after growing up on a grain farm.
Last week, Mr. James Connealy took offense to a statement I made about the racist element within the Republican Party. However he ignored the fact that last month in a speech at the National Press Club in Washington the Republican Party’s National Chairman, Rience Priebus, acknowledged the existence of racism within the party.
Brazil fighting entrenched legacy of racism on Black Consciousness Day